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Semi-Custom Sunbeam Yachts

Every yacht is built to the owners specifications and occassionally this brings us to build something a little different or extra special.  Our latest example is a light oak interior.  We are very excited to show this new style at the world's biggest indoor boat show next month, Boot Dusseldorf  Below is a first look at the new style interior, shown here in the Sunbeam 40.1


NEW Sunbeam 40.1 Nominated for European Yacht of the Year Award 2016


We are very proud to announce that the new Sunbeam 40.1 is in the running for this prestigious award in the luxury cruiser category.  Click here to learn more about our new model Sunbeam 40.1

Sunbeam Yachts range covers daysailing, weeekend cruising, coastal and ocean sailing with yachts from 24 to 53 feet in length. Having a yacht built to your own specification is a very special event. Click to find out more about the exciting process of ordering a new Sunbeam Yacht.

We have a selection of well maintained, used yachts for sale.  Please click to see our current selection and find out more about how we can help you to buy or sell a used yacht.

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