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Sunbeam Yachts UK


Sunbeam Yachts UK is a small family company with a very high focus on customer service.  For many years we have been representing Malö Yachts from Sweden and delivering the exceptional service that a high quality product demands.  We are experienced in helping our customers through the process of specifying, ordering and taking delivery of a semi-custom sailing yacht.  Having been through the process many times, we can advise you on the specification, making sure important items are incorporated in the build at the correct stage, giving you flexibility to add equipment at a later time.

Sunbeam are one of very few remaining family owned boat builders - the passion and dedication to producing better and better boats is clearly evident when you meet the team at the yard.   You are welcome to visit at any point and once your yacht is in build we will visit the yard with you to see your boat and help you make final decisions on specification and positioning of equipment.

Once complete we will again visit the yard with you to start the commissioning process, making sure the yacht is completed to the agreed specification.  We will then arrange the safe transport of your yacht to our base in Lymington where we complete the commissioning and go through an extensive handover with you to make sure you can confidently sail away to your home port.  Once you start sailing, our support continues and we are always available to help with any questions that come up as you get to know your new yacht.  We work closely with the yard and our suppliers to make sure any problems arising are efficiently rectified.


Yacht Management


If your yacht is close to us we also offer a bespoke yacht management solution, ranging from simply keeping an eye when you can't be here yourself through to full management of any necessary work and regular cleaning.  Why not let us manage your weekly, monthly and annual maintenance so that you make the most of your time on board.  Many of our customers enjoy this service knowing that anything that needs attention before their next visit requires one phone call to us.



"One of the greatest benefits of buying through DFD Marine has been the incredibly efficient and 
professional back-up that you have given"


"You have offered excellent service and support throughout the process."


"Thank you so much for all your help. We are very impressed with your professional dealing regarding all matters.

It has been a pleasure getting to know you."


Dusseldorf Boat Show

23rd to 31st January 2016

Tel 01590 676782

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